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Welcome to RawAssembly’s Sourcing Platform.


Curated by a team of international sourcing professionals, research & development experts, academia, writers and activists we bring you a space that helps collate the latest industry news, innovations, art, literature and of course not forgetting the latest advancements in raw materials, ethical manufacturing, education and circular design within the fashion & textile industries.


Our platform helps to create a transparent sourcing guide for independent designers, retail brands and universities allowing you access to some of the leading international sustainable raw material producers all year round 




With an aim to help encourage designers & retail brands to produce products that are responsible, sustainable and circular in the future, it's imperative that we consider which materials we should use to create our products today.


Circular design encourages us to rethink how we make clothing and consider the systems around them and the materials we use.


Our aim is to help designers and businesses make positive and responsible material and supply chain choices by helping identify producers that are changing our tomorrow

by placing people and our planet before profit.


The directory gives you access to industry insights, responsible product, contact details, services offered, certification information & each companies Global Goal objectives


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RawAssembly supports the Sustainable Development Goals