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Curated by a team of international sourcing professionals, research & development, supply chain experts and academia, we bring you a fresh, creative informative and innovative event that brings feasible and real-time solutions to the market.  At a time when there is so much conversation about ‘sustainability’ and how we need to collaborate to create change, we break through this by bringing you a commercial event that provides the materials that answer those very questions. 

 Guiding principles

Empowering change


RawAssembly seeks to create opportunities for brands, manufacturers and individuals to make changes to their professional practice that promote and enhance the sustainability of the fashion and garment industry. RawAssembly aims to break the mould of the standard tradeshow and create an experience that empowers its visitors to affect change.  


Continuous improvement


RawAssembly embraces the idea that no one is perfect and that at best, we are all on a journey of continuous improvement. RawAssembly aims to connect with the widest range of individuals and organizations that are on their own path of commitment towards greater sustainability. RawAssembly believes that by accepting and respecting different stages towards greater sustainability, the industry can develop better-shared commitment. 




RawAssembly recognizes Collaboration as a process of working together to create something new in support of a shared vision. RawAssembly also recognizes that our collective commercial interests cannot only be enhanced through effective collaboration but is a necessity when we consider the environmental and ethical impact of the fashion and garment industries. RawAssembly aims to unite stakeholders under a vision of an industry that we can all be proud of and one that is not competitive at the expense of our ethical or environmental future. 


Animal & Environmental Stewardship

Please note that we are a Fur & Leather free event.

“There is no hiding from the fact that the apparel industry is globally the second largest producer of waste and with Australia being the second largest purchaser of fashion apparel it puts a huge responsibility on Australians to step up and try to meet the SDG goals”


Patricia Garcia AO

Founder and former National Manager UNAA SDG programme 

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