Singtex Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1989 and originally focused on the development of functional textiles. Recognizing the impact of rapid climate change on the survival of the human race and to uphold the philosophy that we must all do our part to protect our only planet, Singtex invested millions of dollars over recent years to establish a pioneering R&D centre and a precision environmentally dyeing centre.


Product emphasis is now the development of eco-friendly functional textiles, making Singtex one of the leading providers of such eco-friendly functional textiles in Taiwan. Singtex is continuing to invest in innovative R&D in order to become a sustainable supplier of eco-friendly textiles to international clothing brands. In addition to being a perennial winner of the Taiwan Excellence awards, Singtex was also named a Top 100 Taiwan Brand, winner of the Taiwan Mittelstand Award and numerous international accolades. In 2014, Singtex was formally listed on the stock exchange (TWSE: 4433).


Singtex successfully invented the S.Cafe© ® eco-friendly coffee yarn in 2008. Made from recycled plastic bottles and coffee grounds, this green, high-tech yarn is environmentally friendly, de-odorizing, and fast drying, UV-resistant and has many different applications. When applied to textile fibres it enhances their functionality without affecting dye performance. No solvents are used in the production process. Nor does it require the high-temperature carbonizing treatment of conventional carbonized materials. This reduces CO2 emissions by around 2.7 kg. The technology has since been recognized by the top three invention awards in the world. (Gold and Merit Award at INPEX in Pittsburg, USA; Gold medal at iENA Nuremberg; Gold and Special award at the International Exhibitions of Inventions Geneva)


Apart from the development of eco-friendly products, in 2007 Singtex invested 250 million NTD into the construction of a precision environmentally friendly dyeing centre. Green construction was incorporated into plant construction to meet the requirements of environmentally friendly design from the selection of energy supply to the selection of dyes. In 2008, Singtex received the Swiss bluesign® blue mark after passing the most stringent environmental protection standards in the world.


Singtex has always set its sights on becoming a world-class eco-friendly functional textile company. It strives to create better and more eco-friendly products without compromising on sustainable development. The initial inspiration of running a "business that warms the heart" to a stubborn determination that feared no obstacles led to the "S.Cafe©® Eco-Friendly Coffee Yarn" that turns trash into cash.


In the future, Singtex will continue to develop eco-friendly products that reduce pollution and energy consumption. The contribution to renewable resources will help ensure the sustainability of planet Earth while amplifying the innovation ability of Taiwan to kick-start a new trend for green fashion all around the world!

















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