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Hong Kong


You are invited to join Redress Design Award 2020 Grand Final, presented in an exciting live-digital format on the 3rd September 2020!
These emerging fashion designers are pushing the boundaries of fashion and sustainability by transforming textile waste in reproducible and impactful ways. The 10 finalists have been shortlisted from hundreds of applications from across the globe, scrutinised for their incorporation of circular design strategies such as Design for Low Waste, Design for Low-impact Materials and Processes, Design for Longevity and Design for Recyclability.


2 hours

Thursday 3 September 2020, 7pm (HKT) /12pm (UKT)



Fashion & Sustainability Summit The 2020 Series

Presented by Fashiondex & LIM College

A series of 20 weekly conferences focusing on processes, practices, strategies, and solutions for fashion businesses to lead in climate change, social responsibility, environmental sustainability and circularity.

Over the series conversations will be shared with fashion industry innovators and brands such as Outerknown, Marc Jacobs, Eileen Fisher, Unspun, Fabscrap and Queen of Raw, with many more yet to be announced.


A series of 20 weekly conferences

Every Thursday from July 9th - November 19th 2020



Changing Luxury - Fashion for Good Innovation Masterclass Part 1

Learn about impactful innovation in all steps of the fashion value chain, what industry leaders do today and how to take-action yourself.

This season, Fashion for Good invites you to discover more about sustainable fashion with insights and expertise from the fashion industry during our Innovation Masterclasses! In a series of three insightful sessions, you will learn about how innovation creates positive impact across all steps of the fashion value chain; a must for anyone studying or working in fashion or interested in how innovations are changing fashion for good.

Sign up and learn what industry leaders are doing today to change the industry and, most importantly, how you can take action yourself.

We’ll be (virtually) inviting key industry leaders to co-host an interactive masterclass with a Fashion for Good expert. They’ll share what they’re doing to integrate and champion innovation within their organisations and will share key learnings they’ve gathered along their journey. Each masterclass will focus on a particular theme from a different perspective; from brands, to producers and educators!

Euro 7.5

Masterclass 1: Changing Luxury – 31 July
Masterclass 2: Changing the Way We Work – 27 August
Masterclass 3: Changing the Future of Fashion – 24 September

July 31 2020



A CUT ABOVE: Theme Launch at Fashion for Good Experience

Theme Launch at Fashion for Good Experience.
Join the Fashion For Good Team for an exclusive first look at their new theme! For “A CUT ABOVE”, they have curated a selection  of  pioneering  brands  breaking boundaries and taking fashion to the next level  with their  originality, creativity and a whole lot of imagination – discover how materials are sustainably sourced, learn about precise designs, assembly techniques that minimise waste and modular outfits that create never-ending styles. Register your spot!


Digital Event

July 17 2020



World Hope Forum 2021


The World Hope Forum is a new gathering that will include climate change on its agenda as well as caring for all neglected people involved in production chains and services. Under the leadership of ambassadors chosen in participating countries, the World Hope Forum will bring together speakers and selected case studies, good practices, retail reinventions and innovative ideas that will sprout in the spring of revival. Different solutions and scenarios brought together in a global (virtual) forum once a year. Dynamic concepts and economic data will be analysed and exchanged, for all of us to learn from and to inspire our creative energies. The results will be subsequently published and open-source access will allow others to follow. Rebuilding the renaissance of society together.







Fashinnovations 2nd Event debuted on June 5th 2020 (World Environment Day) with a special announcement with founders of Fashinnovation and the UN Office for Partnerships. This brilliant 2 Day digital event bought speakers together from all over the globe with back to back sessions covering climate, sustainability, innovation, technology, plastic and ocean waste. Day two was held on monday 8th June (World Oceans Day) and delivered the same punch that day one did.

This event is available to watch on-line and on-demand at any time via Fashinnovations page.
We highly recommend it.


2 Days - On Demand available

June 52020

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