House of Denim Foundation {Denim}

House of Denim is the first platform of its kind, dedicated craftsmanship and innovation in the denim industry. The headquarters of this Dutch knowledge institute, Denim City, is located in De Hallen: a hotspot in the Western part of Amsterdam. Denim City houses its own jean workshop, a laundry 'Blue Lab', an archive and even a store. Additionally, the denim hub acts the home base for students of the first and only Jean School in the world.

Anyone paying a visit to the Denim City Boutique, which is opened Wednesdays to Sundays, must first cross through the denim workshop space first. This short, but impactful stroll, drives the realization home that this is the ultimate denim destination.

Curious to see what the Denim City HQ looks like? Then take a look inside the denim hotspot with FashionUnited: House of Denim I Denim City HQ. (Please use the Website Link below)

Instruction & tips:The interactive tour consists of six 360-degrees photos, which will lead you from the entrance (photo 1) to the workshop (photo 2 and 3), the boutique (photo 4), the archive (photo 5) and the laundry ‘Blue Lab’ (photo 6). Each photo contains interactive elements, including pictures, videos or audio. Click on the buttons to unlock the content. Discovered everything there is to see? Then click on the arrow-tag to navigate to the next photo. Don’t forget to turn on your sound!

The 360-degree photos were shot with a camera which is capable of filming all angles of a space at once. To view all these different angles, scroll the mouse on a desktop computer or swipe the screen on a tablet or smartphone.

Text by: Fashion United

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