The Jean School {Denim}

Amsterdam has the greatest density of denim brands in the world. Dutch brands such as G-Star RAW, Denham, KOI and Scotch & Soda are known all over the world. Brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein have their head offices in Amsterdam. There is therefore a constant demand for denim talent in the Netherlands or Dutch talent worldwide.

In 2012 the doors of the first and only Jean School in the world opened in Amsterdam. An education where young, creative and passionate people learn the craftsmanship of denim design and development. And thus have a view of a job literally anywhere in the world. Jean School is now the only fashion course in the Netherlands to have a place in the Top 100 Fashion Schools worldwide.

Jean School is an initiative of James Veenhoff (former director and initiator of Amsterdam Fashion Week) and Mariette Hoitink (owner of HTNK Fashion recruitment & consultancy). In 2009 Veenhoff and Hoitink started the House of Denim foundation, a platform for craftsmanship and innovation in the denim industry. Education is a crucial part of innovation, but there was no jeans training anywhere in the world.

The ROC of Amsterdam came on board to set up a good denim training. In collaboration with leading jeans brands and industry experts, an inventory was made of what knowledge was needed and what the curriculum for the training should consist of.

The Jean School opened its doors in 2012. Press worldwide wrote about this training that is unique in its kind. In 2015, the first batch of denim developers completed the three-year course. Many students have now followed their example.

In addition to the 3-year course, Jean School also offers a one-year English-language course: Jean School International Course. This course has been specially developed for foreign students and students with at least a HAVO diploma.

New in 2020 is the development of the MBO certificate, with which in the near future also professionally related parts of the course can be followed in a modular way by people who are already working in the fashion or retail industry. In this way, Jean School continuously ensures a good connection to the labor market.

At the Jean School you will be trained to work in design and production departments of denim weaving mills, laundries, manufacturers, denim brands and retailers.

Those who are trained at the Jean School will work with brands and professionals from the denim industry, visit the Amsterdam Denim Days which take place every April, participate in the international –invitation only - fabric fair Kingpins Show and make the Global Denim Awards that are awarded every year in Amsterdam. You might be one of the future participants in the latter.

In addition, Amsterdam has its own Denim City, the first denim innovation campus, in the Hallen in Amsterdam, where knowledge, innovation and professionals from the denim world come together. A place that also includes the Jean School; here you will be taught in the Blue Lab and denim workshop and it is the location where the Jean School International Course is taught.

The course works closely with almost all international denim brands and the best international weaving mills and factories. The Jean School therefore seamlessly connects to the labor market. Did you know that Jean School is the only study program in the Netherlands that is listed in the top 100 fashion schools worldwide? With this training you have an advantage over the rest from your first day.

The guest lectures and projects with professionals from the denim profession mean that you as a student are always aware of the latest developments, innovations and sustainable solutions within the field. When you complete the Jean School, you will receive a diploma 'Fashion design, junior stylist' (MBO level 4) and you specialize in denim. With this diploma you can really distinguish yourself on the labor market.

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