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Image by Rosie Fraser

Can the 'Broken' Fashion Industry become more Sustainable?

Today marks a huge step forward in the UK Parliament understanding & addressing the current fast fashion business model and what help firms need to adopt more sustainable practices.

As we know, the system is broken and the ways in which brands currently operate must change. We need to slow fast fashion down and carefully look at the way in which we are sourcing our raw materials, the ways in which we design our products for end-of-life and how we produce them. We can no longer survive using the linear system to which the fast fashion industry has used for the last 20 years. Consumers are buying 400% more pieces than we were less than 20 years ago, we are spending money of stuff that we are chucking away after only a few wears.

Today the UK Parliament will question whether brands pay living wages and ensure that child labor us not used in factories: whether they recycle materials and encourage recycling: how they are reducing the flow of microfibres into our oceans and whether they incinerate their unsold, over stocked or returned stock goods.

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