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Image by Rosie Fraser

Get Ready for RawAssembly

As a new and innovative sourcing event, RawAssembly™ aims to shape a new sourcing culture by providing sustainable textile solutions, showcasing innovative textile products and shaping the ethical and creative values of its visitors.

As we get closer to the inaugural event, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what you’ll be able to see, who you will be able to talk with and how we feel RawAssembly™ will inspire you to ‘Source Differently’!


Leading the sustainable textiles space we are excited to have Recover™ from Spain, who turn textile waste into the worlds finest recycled yarns. Recover™ will be showcasing their whole collection at RawAssembly™, which currently meets the highest standards of the Higg MSI index allowing them to create the lowest impact recycled cotton yarns in the global market, outperforming virgin equivalent yarns across all sustainability metrics.


As one of the worlds largest single site yarn spinners, RawAssembly™ will be bringing Novotex™ to Sydney where their team will be showcasing their commercially recycled yarns and on-hand to discuss the development in their pioneering factory sites, providing commercial up-cycling solutions. In addition, Novotex™ will be displaying their KPC hand-knitting yarn.


Highlighting RawAssembly™ as an event across all categories, we are excited to provide our visitors with an opportunity to meet Prosperity Textile™. One of the most environmentally sensitive denim mills in the world, Prosperity™ have introduced eco-friendly dying and finishing practices allowing them to create beautiful indigo shades and performance denim with far lower water and energy consumption. In late 2018, Prosperity™ have also introduced iSAVER™ technology into their manufacturing processes.


In addition to textile solutions, RawAssembly™ will be showcasing product from The Sustainable Sequin Company™, who produce sustainable sequins made of recycled PET. They are also bringing bio-polymer sequins to the market later this year, using a circular system that borrows abundantly available and renewable materials to create bright, shiny sequins engineered to bio-degrade at the end of their life.


Working closely with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF®), RawAssembly™ is excited to be showcasing an innovative re-use of an invasive weed that has a significant ecological impact, particularly in SE Asia. Mikania Micranth, or more commonly known as the ‘mile a minute weed’, is being re-processed in collaboration with OOOBJECT™ to create buttons that make use of ecological waste.



To ensure RawAssembly™ delivers on its commitment to shape values and attitudes we will be providing our visitors with opportunities to experience a combination of inspiring presentations and short films from a wide variety of textile specialists and humanitarian professionals.

Patricia Garcia AO, formerly the National Director of the UNAA Sustainable development Goal Programme, will present on our individual accountability to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and how individual action does make a difference.

Patricia Garcia AO
Patricia Garcia AO

Dr. Alison Gwilt, a Fashion Design Researcher, author and Associate Professor in Design at the University of New South Wales, will present on how we can keep textiles and materials in use by exploring a range of innovative design methods and approaches that enable the textile industry to be more sustainable.

Alison Gwilt
Alison Gwilt

In addition to presentations from speakers, RawAssembly™ has commissioned a variety of short documentaries from leading designers and professionals to ensure that our partners who are unable to be there in person, are able to share their knowledge and passion.

Film Content

Dr. Carmen Hijosa, the founder of Ananas Anam Ltd, is an ethical entrepreneur with a vision for a more sustainable future that connects people, environment and economy. Dr. Hijosa will share with RawAssembly™ her vision for alternative textile solutions.

Edwina Ehrman, Senior Exhibition Curator, at the world renowned V&A Museum in London will also be joining us via film to share with us her perspectives on how the recent Fashion from Nature exhibition has impacted peoples perspectives on sustainability in fashion and also her thoughts on sustainability being accessible to all.



These are just a few examples of what you will experience at RawAssembly™ and we hope they ignite your interest to be involved, where we know you will be able to gain solutions, information and inspiration to source differently!

See you there.

WHEN | 2 APRIL - 3 APRIL 2019,  9:30AM – 5:30PM



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