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CLARE PRESS's new book lands in Australia & New Zealand this month - October 2018

A must read for everyone and anyone. A hugely motivational read that inspires, encourages and realises the changes that are needed for us to rethink how we live today to build a more sustainable tomorrow. Visit Clare's website and join her on her book launch tour of Australia.

Clare Press  Rise & Resist, How to change the world book
Clare Press | Rise & Resist, How to change the world

The revolution has arrived - get ready.

Rise & Resist takes a wild trip through the new activism sweeping the world. The political march is back in a big way, as communities rally to build movements for environmental and social justice. But today's context calls for increasingly creative strategies to make our voices heard.

Crossing the globe, Clare Press meets passionate change-makers who believe in the power of the positive. From eco warriors and zero wasters to knitting nannas, introvert craftivists to intersectional feminists, they're all up for a revolution of sorts. Are you? Join Press as she tracks the formation of a new counterculture, united by a grand purpose: to rethink how we live today to build a more sustainable tomorrow.

Featuring interviews with inspiring change-makers including: model activist Cameron Russell,’s May Boeve, Fashion Revolution founders Orsola de Castro and Carry Somers, craftivists Betsy Greer and Sarah Corbett, Australian feminist icon Anne Summers, Pussyhat Project founders Jayna ZWeiman and Krista Suh, zero waste warrior Erin Rhoads, Plastic Free July creator Rebecca Prince-Ruiz and many more.



“Clare’s inspiring book will awaken the active citizen inside you.” LIVIA FIRTH, FOUNDER GREEN CARPET CHALLENGE & ECO-AGE

“Rise & Resist is the ideal handbook for the revolution. Clare Press has produced a thoroughly researched, engaging and exciting book, that will act as a template for the next phase of the current power-shift. ” TRACEY SPICER, AUTHOR, FEMINIST, CHANGE-MAKER

“We are all activists in some way or another, because our actions or inactions help determine our future. Rise & Resist gives you the motivation and tools to change the world, one action at a time. I hope it inspires everyone who reads it to act, because the future is not set and will be shaped by those that take action today.” KELLY O’SHANNASSY, CEO, AUSTRALIAN CONSERVATION SOCIETY

“Already known as a change-maker through her work in ethical fashion, Clare now tackles social justice and the climate movement in this elegantly crafted book. A necessary call to action on how we can reshape a more sustainable world.” KATHERINE KEATING, PUBLISHER AT VICE IMPACT

“For decades, the mainstream environment movement in countries like Australia was overwhelmingly white, middle class and generally dominated by men. Of course women have always been involved in environmental struggle but their presence has often been pushed to the fringes. It was the arrival of powerful new organisations like AYCC, Lock the Gate, the Stop Adani campaign, SEED Indigenous Youth Climate Network and, led by so many strong women, who finally broke the glass ceiling of the movement. As we join the battle of our lives – the struggle to limit climate change – the movement is more diverse than ever before, from Islanders on the front-lines of climate change to renewable energy workers. The stories in this book, of clothing and agricultural workers, anti gun activists, ocean lovers, artists, thinkers, suffragettes, minimalists and Buddhists, and even celebrities, are woven together into an inspiring narrative that reminds us that the world is, indeed, rising up. And that there is room in the struggle for everyone.” CAM WALKER, NATIONAL LIAISON OFFICER, FRIENDS OF THE EARTH AUSTRALIA

These pages offer badassery, wit, courage and humour. A timely reminder to us all that if we don’t like something, it’s up to each of us to get off our arses and do something about it —this is pure inspiration as to what that little ‘something’ might look like for you.” JESS MILLER, DEPUTY LORD MAYOR OF SYDNEY

Climate science can be intimidating but Clare makes it easy to comprehend. Entertaining, educational and absorbing, Rise & Resist is a fantastic read.” LAURA WELLS, MODEL, ACTIVIST, MARINE BIOLOGIST


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