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Outland Denim PARTNERs with RETRACED

Outland Denim, the Australian denim label known for their revolutionary sustainability standards, are going even further to ensure transparency by today announcing their partnership with Retraced. This Retraced platform will not only allow smoother supply chain management, but will also allow customers to virtually travel the supply chain, certifications, and sustainability attributes of their jeans from cotton seed to final product at the point of purchase.

The first Outland Denim product to feature this ‘product passport’ will be the brand’s best selling Harriet Black skinny jean. The Harriet jean in Black is made with 93% organic cotton and innovative 'SaveBlack' denim, which uses 85% less water compared to conventional dyeing processes. The staple skinny, that sold out after being worn by Meghan Markle in 2018 during her visit to Australia, has been refined to be even more flattering and sustainable, relaunching online this week.

Image - Outland Denim

This is a jean that does good, and looks really good. Like all Outland Denim garments, the Harriet jean is crafted in the label’s stand-alone production and finishing facilities in Cambodia, which were founded to offer holistic support, training and employment to young women who have experienced exploitation. The company provides a living wage, education and other benefits for its staff.

Image - Outland Denim Harriet Jeans on Megan Markle.

Why transparency is key for the future.

The denim industry is changing, and transparency is on top of the agenda next to water-saving and improvements around chemical usage. Traceability is a crucial step, allowing for complete visibility around a product's environmental impact, carbon footprint, and factory working conditions. Brands like Outland Denim are making it possible for everyone to know who has grown their cotton, where it was grown and under what conditions, through to who and where it's been woven and dyed and all of the other steps it has taken to make each product.

61% of brands don't know where their clothing comes from, and 93% don't know their fabric origins. By working with companies like Retraced, brands have to know each step of their fibre, fabric and products journey, which has a massive impact. Without transparency, there is no way of ensuring clothing is made ethically and is free from chemical toxins. Transparency also moves us away from greenwashing, and only brands producing ethical and genuinely sustainable products will be able to exist in the coming years.

Image - Outland Denim


Back In Stock: Outland Denim’s World-Changing Harriet Jean ​​

About OUTLAND DENIM Outland Denim crafts premium denim jeans designed to bring the worlds of their seamstresses and customers closer together. Outland Denim sources the finest raw materials from around the world to create garments with environmental integrity while offering employment and training opportunities to women rescued from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. ​Outland Denim is Australia’s first ​Certified B CorporationR​ ​denim brand. Bartle was recently named one of Sourcing Journal’s Rivet 50 members for 2019. In 2019, the brand also became a Global Fashion Agenda Associate Partner.

Instagram: @outlanddenim

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Retraced is a transparency solution that enables fashion brands to manage their supply chain efforts and

execute their sustainability objectives. The blockchain-enabled transparency platform empowers brands to

share transparent value chain information regarding the working conditions, materials, certifications, and

environmental impact. With this, brands and customers make informed and insightful purchasing decisions,

and further promote a fairer, more honest, and more socially responsible fashion industry. Retraced was

founded in 2018, by co-founders, Lukas Pünder, Philipp Mayer, and Peter Merkert.

Instagram: @retraced_official

Facebook: retraced.official




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