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The Sustainable Fashion Glossary

Around the world, writers, editors, designers, brands, universities and passionate bloggers are communicating the importance of sustainable fashion to the wider community through an array of mediums.

With key terms such as 'Circular Design', 'Re-commerce' and 'Carbon Offsetting' making progress into mainstream communication platforms, the need for a comprehensive and academically supported set of defined terms framing sustainability in the fashion industry was recognised, to encourage validity and harmony through understanding.

Condé Nast in partnership with Centre For Sustainable Fashion at London College of Fashion have launched a free online resource providing an A to Z of defined key terms as awareness grows around the importance of the fashion industry's role in addressing the climate change emergency.

Titled 'The Sustainable Fashion Glossary', it is an industry tool designed "to inform and inspire a new vanguard of creatives who will define tomorrow's zeitgeist and form a community of positive change-makers."

Photo credit - Condé Nast

The Sustainable Fashion Glossary will be updated annually as the fashion industry evolves, improved practices emerge and innovative technologies are developed.

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