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The Sustainable Fashion Handbook by Sandy Black

This book is a definitive sourcebook on all aspects of sustainable fashion, encompassing not only the environment issues presented by a wasteful and fast-moving fashion cycle, but also the social impact of the global fashion industry, which employs up to forty million people worldwide in manufacturing and agriculture. This book promotes an understanding of the complex issues surrounding modern clothing production, use and disposal, while celebrating the inherent value of fashion and the creative opportunity that the growing trend towards sustainability offers.

The Sustainable Fashion Handbook
The Sustainable Fashion Handbook

Sandy Black, one of the world's leading experts on sustainable fashion and is Professor of Fashion and Textile Design and Technology at the London College of Fashion. She has published widely on fashion, textiles and knitwear design and sustainability, and their intersection with science, technology and craft.

This is a great book to read that informs, inspires and highlights how much we need to do to create a more responsible supply chain. Published back in 2012 its still 110% relevant and sadly it has taken us all these years to openly talk about what Sandy Black published over 6 years ago.


ISBN-10: 9780500290569

ISBN-13: 978-0500290569

Publisher: Thames & Hudson Ltd; 1 edition (1 October 2012)

Can be purchased via the Thames & Hudson link below or Amazon.


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