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Three trends that will reshape how we live in our post Covid world

Working from home has allowed us to spend more time with our loved ones, reconnect with friends and have more personnal time to learn new skills.It has also changed the way we shop for food and how we feel in public spaces. From a work perspective, it has allowed companies to realise that their teams are in most cases more efficient working from home and the potential to save huge costs on office rentals going forward is encouraging companies to rethink their future operations. Companies are also realising that they need to quickly rethink scale, which was once a competitive advantage, but now it has become a liability. The Harvard business review looks at how The Covid-19 crisis, is changing everyones life at once - and how our behaviour around food buying and beverages illustrates how behaviours are shifting.

Colin Hawkins/Getty Images

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Original article written by: Eddie Yoon

Harvard Busines Review

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