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This is left over production yarn from a USA speciality brand. 


We have around 6-7kg on hand in various size cones. If you are interested in purchasing the full amount, please get in touch, as it will be more cost effective to ship all or a larger quantity instead of one or two cones only. The cost is in the shipping more than the cost of the yarn.

We are happy to arrange a pick up if you are located on the sunshine coast - we can discuss the cost of the full amount over email or phone.


Perfect for craft, weaving, knitting & installation pieces.


Composition: 62% acrylic 28% nylon 5% mohair 5% polyamide.


Appearance. A yarn wrapped denim blue and optic white novelty yarn. (The density of the wrap differs along the length of the yarn, making a beautiful irregular effect)


Please note that are no returns on remnant/deadstock yarns or fabrics.


Please note this is only available for Australia only. Please do not purchase this for overseas orders.


* Please note we do not usually sell any materials with synthetic fibres within them - we usually only promote sustainable natural materials. We are helping to share these yarns as they have been left with us, as if not, they were destined for landfill, and we did not want that to happen. We want to find a good home for them.

1007 grams (2 cones) - Remnant production yarn - USA brand

SKU: 1007 gram
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