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Singtex Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 1989 and originally focused on the development of functional textiles. Recognizing the impact of rapid climate change on the survival of the human race and to uphold the philosophy that we must all do our part to protect our only planet, Singtex has invested hundreds of millions of dollars over recent years to establish a pioneering R&D centre and precision environmentally dyeing centre. Product emphasis is now the development of eco-friendly functional textiles, making Singtex one of the leading providers of such eco-friendly functional textiles in Taiwan. 


Sustainable Material Producer


Providing brands & designers with sustainable performance fabrics for sports, functional, activewear and athleisure products.


Singtex offers a good range of eco products, plus they can create specialised & unique products on request & based on their R&D/ Bulk MOQ. 





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