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RawAssembly- Sourcing Magazine-Jan-April

Denim of Tomorrow


RawAssembly, Australia’s leading responsible and sustainable textile sourcing event, magazine and digital platform is proud to launch the first full edition of their newly established responsible sourcing magazine. 


The Responsible & Sustainable Textile Sourcing Magazine kicks off the year by diving into the denim industry, the waste it generates from the 6 billion jeans produced each year, and the 1.8 billion that never get worn. 


Seen as one of the worst offenders in fashion for its unsustainable practices, ranging from excess production,  through to excessive use of toxic chemicals and water, RawAssembly takes a look at how the denim industry is evolving its chemical processing away from toxicity, has initiated recycling programmes at scale and moves towards being regenerative through its cotton and cellulosic mono-material potential. 


With a diverse range of interviews and features, a unique sourcing index and dynamic video content, the magazine creates a unique sourcing experience in itself.


JAN-April 2021 EDITION

220+ pages of  

responsible content

Welcome to The Responsible & Sustainable Textile & Fashion Sourcing Magazine, 2nd Edition.

Denim of tomorrow

In recent years the denim industry has been polarized by two factors of its nature. On the one hand, the denim industry has been a huge player in waste, overconsumption and excess production as well as using a range of toxic chemicals and high levels of water in its production. 


On the other hand, the denim industry has evolved its chemical processing, has started recycling programmes at scale and having the potential to be a mono-material industry derived from cotton and other cellulosic fibres; it could be hugely regenerative. 


For this first issue of 2021, we have focused heavily on the idea of waste and explore a variety of designers, brands and commercial strategies that are seeking to minimize, capitalize and re-design waste in the denim industry. 


So what is waste and why does the fashion industry create so much of it?

We start by looking at the concept of 'cradle to cradle', introducing and exploring how we should be thinking about products and cycles, ensuring that materials return to where they originated. 


We then delve into commercial collaborations driving a zero-waste goal, through intentional manufacturing, zero inventory and technology allowing production to shape. Ultimately we ask the question, how are we adapting and changing the way we design and produce to mitigate the issues associated with waste?


At the heart of the RawAssembly™ magazine is our responsible sourcing and resources area, a materials and service index where you can discover who’s doing what in denim dye & finishing innovation, regenerative fibre usage, stretch alternatives, manufacturing certifications, yarns & fabrics produced from waste plus many more inspired and better solutions. We hope this will be a section that you return to as a resource index and becomes covered in scribbled notes and digital post-it notes that form part of your sourcing meetings and decisions. 


We finish with an in-depth exploration of various artisan and creative makers who are at the forefront of the slow fashion movement, both in terms of their scale, their attention to quality and their use of waste in their production processes. 


While this issue has a strong denim focus, we hope that your reading experience inspires and enables you to make more responsible sourcing choices that impact other areas of your work and understanding of textiles. As an organization, we hope that this issue of the RawAssembly™ sourcing magazine adds to the momentum of changing the narrative around waste, grounded in facts and one that advocates people who are making a genuine positive difference for people and the planet.  Enjoy!

We have some amazing content planned for 2021 that you won't want to miss, so make sure you pick up an annual subscription or purchase individual copies as we go!

RawAssembly Jan-April Sourcing Magazine 2021
RawAssembly Jan-April Sourcing Magazine 2021
RawAssembly Jan-April Sourcing Magazine
Screenshot 2RawAssembly Jan-April Sourcing Magazine 2021021-02-10 at 8.30.52 pm.png
ScreenshoRawAssembly Jan-April Sourcing Magazine 2021t 2021-02-10 at 8.32.22 pm.pngRawAssembly Jan-April Sourcing Magazine 2021
Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 8.32.38 pm.png
RawAssembly Jan-April Sourcing Magazine 2021
RawAssembly Jan-April 2021 Sourcing Magazine
RawAssembly Sourcing magazine 2021
RawAssembly Sourcing magazine 2021
RawAssembly Jan-April Sourcing Magazine 2021
RawAssembly Jan-April Sourcing Magazine 2021
Screenshot 2021-02-10 at 8.38.59 pm.png
RawAssembly Sourcing Magazine Jan-April 2021
RawAssembly Sourcing Magazine - Jan-April 2021 Denim
RawAssembly Sourcing Magazine Jan-April 2021
RawAssembly Sourcing Magazine Jan-April 2021
RawAssembly Sourcing Magazine Jan-April
RawAssembly- Sourcing Magazine-Jan-April

Denim 2021

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