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A Commitment to Sustainability in Raw Materials & Manufacturing 

RawAssembly is always happy to support and collaborate with other industry companies, supporting bodies, Not for profits, associations, creative agencies, the entertainment industry, media organizations, and businesses who are committed to action in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. 

For us to be able to support your organization and share information across our social media, newsletters, or via our on-line sourcing directory we ask that you fill in the below form and let us know about your company, events, and up and coming campaigns.

We will then contact you in person to discuss this in further detail.

Media Partnership request
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What we require

  • As a media partner, we require our logo to be featured alongside other media partners on your homepage with a URL web link connecting directly back to the RawAssemblys website.

  • You acknowledge us as a media partner in 3 of your media campaign posts that include newsletters, social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Linked-In making sure that the correct hangers are used for each:

Instagram: @raw.assembly

Facebook: Rawassembly

Linked-In: Rawassembly


Who we are:

Official text that can be used;

RawAssembly; Responsible & Sustainable Textile Sourcing events and Digital Platform.

Australia • London • Hong Kong


  • We require high-resolution campaign assets to be sent to us: images, texts, key campaign wording, and campaign hashtags at least five days prior to them needing to go live unless an urgent campaign is triggered due to a global environmental, social or other unexpected event, in which case we can act immediately.

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