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RawAssembly, Australia’s leading responsible and sustainable textile sourcing magazine, digital platform & events.


The Sourcing magazine kicks off the year by diving into the denim industry, the waste it generates from the 6 billion jeans produced each year, and the 1.8 billion that never get worn. 


Seen as one of the worst offenders in fashion for its unsustainable practices, ranging from excess production,  through to excessive use of toxic chemicals and water, RawAssembly takes a look at how the denim industry is evolving its chemical processing away from toxicity, has initiated recycling programmes at scale and moves towards being regenerative through its cotton and cellulosic mono-material potential. 


With a diverse range of interviews and features, a unique sourcing index and dynamic video content, the magazine creates a unique sourcing experience in itself.

RawAssembly Denim Sourcing Magazine

Responsible sourcing insights

RawAssembly Sourcing Journal Denim Issue

[Res-p] + [Fash-n] 

Bringing balance back to fashion

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