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Image by Rosie Fraser

Ian Berry | Art From Denim

Ian Berry makes art out of denim jeans, but he’s not a denim artist clarifies his Instagram bio. Denim is simply his medium for creating true-to-life artworks that could easily be mistaken as photographs or realistic paintings produced in a palette of blue hues.

Named as an influential figure in Rivet’s Top 50 Movers and Shakers in the Denim Industry for 2019, Ian Berry’s work has become world renown as he’s lived in cities from Sydney, Skene to Amsterdam and is currently based in East London. Ian has been working with denim for over a decade, which started by using his own old jeans, before asking friends and sourcing from thrift stores. These days Ian receives donations of pre-loved denim garments as well as product samples from brands, all of which is sorted by gradient in his studio.

Ian acknowledges his work with denim began as an experiment after noticing the contrasting shades of blue in a pile of old jeans, which has since evolved over the years into a strong connection with the historical material. From landscapes to buildings, portraits and immersive installations, the meticulous detail of Ian’s work is achieved through layers and layers of small pieces of denim in various blue to black fades and washes.

“With my work I'm always challenging myself with the way light hits things, and I try to be like a photorealistic painter, just with denim not paint” Ian informed Pinar Noorata from MyModernMet.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 impacting the world, Ian’s young son who loved the coordinated clapping each week at 8pm on Thursdays in the UK - which started as a way for the wider community to show appreciation to healthcare workers on the front line - inspired a new piece of art which brought worldwide attention through what was titled the #iClapFor project.

Ian’s artwork of two hands clapping in denim was recreated as painted murals on walls and digital projections featuring on buildings from Colombia to New York, Brazil and across 70 different places in the UK from Edinburgh Castle to the white Cliffs of Dover.

'When the clapping ends, the caring continues'

Explore the artworks and installations of Ian Berry below.


Art by Ian Berry

Hotel California

Solo exhibition at Catto Gallery, London


Hotel California

Denim on Denim | 70 x 70 cm | 2019

And still the voices are calling from far away

Denim on Denim | 120 x 120 | 2019

Photo by Debbie Bragg

I had to stop for the night

Denim on Denim | 61 x 122 cm | 2019

The Roosevelt, LA

Denim on Denim | 90 x 122 cm | 2019

The American Jean

The Brooklyn Diner

Denim on Denim | 1220 x 610

Journey Home

Denim on Denim | 1220 x 6100

The Cheyenne has Gone

Denim on Denim | 1220 x 610


Denim on Denim | 110 x 400

The Secret Garden

Children's Museum of the Arts, New York Installation, 2018

The Secret Garden was a collaboration between Ian Berry and Tonello, the installation is now on permanent display at San Francisco's Flower Mart.

Learn more about The Secret Garden and behind the scenes of the Tonello x Ian Berry Collaboration HERE


Self Portrait

Denim on denim | 2014 | 110cm x110cm

Gisele Bündchen

Denim on Denim | 400 x 300


Denim on Denim | 600 x 450

Ayrton Senna Sempre

Denim on Denim | Made with the Jeans of the Senna Family


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To see more of Ian Berry's artwork with denim and future exhibition dates visit: Website -

Instagram -

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