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ACATEL, an advanced vertical finishing mill based in Spain, has partnered with FIBRETRACE® and

Good Earth Cotton® to launch a collection of carbon positive and traceable knits and fabrics, made with

bio-based finishing processes.

ACATEL provides the global fashion industry with sustainable, low impact solutions for garment dyeing,

printing and finishing for fabrics and knits.

The partnership allows ACATEL to become active agents of climate positive change within the supply

chain and offer added value to their customers by combining fully traceability and carbon positive fibres

with their sustainable finishing approach.

The ACATEL, FIBRETRACE® and Good Earth Cotton® collection debuts two biodegradable finishing


● ECO-PRINT is the first compostable pigment printing system with Cradle to Cradle Platinum

level, made from a water-based printing paste and compostable colours. In collaboration with

ECOLIFE YARNS® (Belda Llorens), IMPETUS® Group, Good Earth Cotton® and

FIBRETRACE®, ACATEL will add ECO-PRINT to its E*Retrace collection.

● Good Earth Cotton® knit uses a bio-based finishing process made of 85% vegetable ingredients,

92% of these being biodegradable and complete with full FIBRETRACE® traceability.

“There is no Planet B, and sustainability is not just a trend. It is an ethical, efficient and reliable necessity

of tomorrow,” said Susana Serrano, CEO of ACATEL.

By harnessing the power of FIBRETRACE® technology, ACATEL can share the carbon positive story of

their cotton products all the way from seed through to fabric, and communicate its unique biodegradable

qualities with the end consumer.



Good Earth Cotton® is the world’s first carbon positive cotton and sequesters more carbon than it emits

across its entire growth lifecycle.

Led by data, innovation, and best practice, Good Earth Cotton® employs modern regenerative and smart

farming practices such as; minimal-to-zero tillage, crop rotation, organic waste amendments, solar &

renewable energy, biodiversity, precision spraying and low-water usage to minimise its global

environmental footprint and maximise soil health. As a result, Good Earth Cotton® paves the way for

cotton farming globally to be carbon positive, low water and low energy.

Good Earth Cotton® ensures that the efforts and positive impact at farm can be traced throughout the

global supply chain and give brands and consumers the confidence they demand from the products they



The core of the FibreTrace® technology is a patented luminescent pigment that is embedded in raw

fibres (or optionally at yarn spinning) and is traced, verified and audited in real time at each step of the

global textile supply chain. This is achieved via a proprietary handheld FIBRETRACE® Bluetooth® Scanner

that identifies and quantifies pigments in fibre, yarn, fabric and finished goods that send encrypted data

into secure blockchain and software that was specifically designed and engineered for the textile and

apparel supply chain.

FibreTrace® delivers end-to-end traceability and real-time results and data, housed on a FibreTrace®

platform that can be accessed securely via any device connected to the internet.

FibreTrace®’s mission is to ensure every member of the textile supply chain has the ability to take direct

accountability to reduce the environmental impact of the global industry. In doing so, they aim to

ultimately provide the consumer the opportunity to choose a transparent and sustainable supply chain

to follow and purchase from.


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