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Sapphire Textile Mills releases first carbon positive and traceable yarn and interiors collection

Sapphire Textile Mills, an advanced vertically integrated textile mill based in Pakistan, has partnered with

Good Earth Cotton®, the world’s first carbon positive and traceable cotton, to introduce a collection of

yarns and home interior fabrications.

The partnership addresses increasing pressure for the global textile industry to substantiate

sustainability claims, reduce environmental impact and take full accountability for fibre choices.

The global textile industry is reported to contribute between 8-10% of global carbon emissions1. It is also

suspected by the UN that a large percentage of these emissions start at the raw materials stage.

Good Earth Cotton® sequesters more carbon than it emits across its entire growth lifecycle. Led by

innovation, primary impact data and best practice, Good Earth Cotton® paves the way for cotton farming

globally to be carbon positive, traceable and low impact.

The collection consists of several greige, dyed and melanges yarns alongside greige and processed fabrics

suitable for bed linens, interior decor, garden and kitchen textiles, and more.

“Innovation and development is a driving philosophy at Sapphire Textile Mills. Partnering with Good Earth Cotton® is an essential step for us, as suppliers of sustainable products, to provide our customers with accurate and timely information backed by science and transparency,”

said Mr. Nabeel Abdullah, Director at Sapphire Textile Mills Limited.

“It is our responsibility to care and look after the planet we already have. Awareness, transparency and working towards zero carbon impact is paramount to this journey and we intend on bridging the gap.”

The Sapphire Textiles and Good Earth Cotton® yarn is traceable due to the power of FibreTrace®, an

advanced traceability solution that combines physical and digital traceability for the global textile and

fashion supply chain. By harnessing the power of FibreTrace® technology, textile brands can share the

carbon positive story of their cotton products with the end consumer, communicating its unique

environmental benefits.

The Good Earth Cotton® yarn and interior collection by Sapphire will be available in the first quarter of


Sapphire will also work with FibreTrace® to launch traceability across several other natural, man-made

and synthetic fibres in the first quarter of 2022, including but not limited to; organic cotton, BCI cotton

and recycled polyester.

To discover more about Good Earth Cotton, FibreTrace and Sapphire textile Mills join us in Melbourne

01-03 March 2022 at Hanover House for our next RawAssembly Responsible. Regenerative. Circular industry sourcing event

Tickets go on sale soon and are the perfect Christmas gift for any sustainability minded friend, colleague, partner or family member.



Sapphire Textile Mills was incorporated in 1969 as a spinning unit. From there, it has grown to become

one of the finest vertically integrated setups in Pakistan. Sapphire produces Home Textiles, Greige Fabric,

Processed Fabric, Yarns (including Dyed & Melanges). Currently, Sapphire Textile has a fabric processing

capacity of 4 million meters per month, along with production of around 8 million meters of Greige

Fabric, and 4000 tons of Yarn (per month). Sapphire has also been at the forefront of sustainability in

Pakistan, converting products with Virgin Polyester to Recycled and Ocean Bound Polyesters and

introducing environment friendly raw materials such as Lyocell and Bamboo.


Good Earth Cotton® is the world's first third-party verified carbon-positive cotton. Grown by passionate

farmers who are driven by the need to reduce the environmental footprint of the raw fibre.

Good Earth Cotton® sequesters more carbon than it emits across its entire growth lifecycle.

Good Earth Cotton® is driven by data, innovation and technology to ensure best practice of regenerative

smart farming techniques. Precision agriculture ensures minimal-to-zero tillage and soil disturbance.

Crop rotation, organic waste amendments and cover crops increase biodiversity and soil health,

lowering the farming environmental footprint. Measuring every drop of water and utilising renewable

energy, Good Earth Cotton® paves the way for cotton farming globally towards a conscious supply chain.

Ensuring the efforts of nature and science that form positive impacts at raw fibre level can be traced

throughout the global supply chain, brands and consumers have confidence from the products they



The core of the FIBRETRACE® technology is a patented luminescent pigment that is embedded in raw

fibres (or optionally at yarn spinning) and is traced, verified and audited in real-time at each step of the

global textile supply chain. This is achieved via a proprietary handheld FIBRETRACE® Bluetooth® Scanner

that identifies and quantifies pigments in fibre, yarn, fabric and finished goods that send encrypted data

into secure blockchain and software that was specifically designed and engineered for the textile and

apparel supply chain.

FIBRETRACE® delivers end-to-end traceability and real-time results and data, housed on a FibreTrace®

platform that can be accessed securely via any device connected to the internet.

FIBRETRACE®’s mission is to ensure every member of the textile supply chain has the ability to take

direct accountability to reduce the environmental impact of the global industry. In doing so, they aim to

ultimately provide the consumer the opportunity to choose a transparent and sustainable supply chain

to follow and purchase from.


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