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Big Closest Small Planet, by Michael Schragger

About the Podcast

Welcome to Big Closets Small Planet – the podcast exploring what it will take to transform the fashion and apparel industry so that it contributes positively to the lives of people and the health of the planet.

Join host Michael Schragger as he examines the problems facing the industry and the strategies and solutions that are required to change it. Listen in as he talks with experts and colleagues - the business leaders, activists, researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs, investors, legislators, consumers and citizens – inspiring people who are racing against the clock to develop and implement more sustainable solutions.

Tell us what’s on your mind! Do you have ideas to help transform the apparel industry, or opinions about the topics or insights made by the host or guests? 

Feel free to reach out to Michael and his team with your ideas, comments or feedback at

About the host

Michael Schragger is the Founder and Managing Director for the Sustainable Fashion Academy. For more than a decade Michael has been working with fashion and apparel industry companies, sector stakeholders and experts to harness the industry’s power to improve people lives and create positive returns for the environment.

Michael currently lives in Stockholm, Sweden with his wife Erika and kids Oz and Blimah.

Michael Schragger
Michael Schragger


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