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Image by Rosie Fraser

Designer Feature: Paula Ulargui

Sustainable fashion investigator and recent graduate with a double degree in fashion design and communication from Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, Paula Ulargui undertook a research project in her final year which has resulted in a distinctive and thought-provoking collection titled ‘Siamese Skins. Two Natures. One Body’.

Photo Credit - Paula Ulargui

"A new skin that, like a siamese body to another, joins human beings with nature. A clothing that reconnects us, in the most physical way, to the essential"

Paula’s research project explores concepts around sustainability, regeneration and the increasing human disconnection to nature through fashion. Experimenting with seeds, sprouts, biomaterials, living organisms and plants growing within different fabrics, Paula created garments that unite human nature and the natural world around us together like a ‘second skin’.

Photo Credit - Paula Ulargui

“Siamese skins. Two natures. One body. Is a sustainable development research inspired by this problematic anthropocene era and with the purpose of reconnecting the humans to nature. A nature we are so disconnected from, that we can't even feel the price of its absence. We live distanced from our essence denying its rhythms and processes in ourselves.”

Photo credit - Paula Ulargui

“A project that as its main result, seeks to raise awareness of today's needs to create a more conscious, balanced and sustainable fashion industry.”

View a short film of Paula's collection 'Siamese skins. Two natures. One body' HERE


To see more of Paula's work: Portfolio - LinkedIn - Paula Ulargui Instagram - @ulargui_escalona Vimeo -


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