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Leading Portuguese textile company, IMPETUS have launched a premium carbon positive and traceable

intimates collection, made from the world’s first carbon positive cotton, Good Earth Cotton®.

Good Earth Cotton® paves the way for cotton farming globally to be carbon positive, traceable and low

impact. Good Earth Cotton® sequesters more carbon than it emits across its entire growth lifecycle.

The collection is traceable due to the power of FibreTrace® technology. IMPETUS has partnered with

FibreTrace® to ensure the combination of physical and digital traceability to authenticate the raw cotton

fibre from farm and accurately report on environmental credentials to reduce impact.

Traceable, Good Earth Cotton® products will be introduced into IMPETUS Brand collections at the end of

2021, ready for market by 2022.

Since 1970, IMPETUS Group has invested in design, research and development to remain at the cutting

edge of technology and at the forefront of industry innovation. Specialising in underwear, loungewear,

beachwear, athleisure and technical textiles, IMPETUS is one of the core creative brands in Europe today

with its own licensed brands and private label.

“Our collaboration with Good Earth Cotton® marks the next step of our sustainability journey, working

towards full supply chain traceability from farm through to recycle and reuse. Our customers can now

have complete trust in the IMPETUS products they buy and know with full certainty where their products

have been and their environmental impact,”

said Ricardo Figueiredo, General Manager of IMPETUS Group.

According to the UNEP and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the fashion industry accounts for 10% of

annual global carbon emissions, more than international flights and maritime shipping combined.1 With

cotton making up 25% of the world’s global fibre use, the Good Earth Cotton® program has an

opportunity to revolutionise the cotton industry and reduce its global carbon footprint.


1 World Bank, 2019. ‘How Much Do Our Wardrobes Cost to the Environment’. Available at


Good Earth Cotton® is the world's first third-party verified carbon-positive cotton. Grown by passionate

farmers who are driven by the need to reduce the environmental footprint of the raw fibre.

Good Earth Cotton® sequesters more carbon than it emits across its entire growth lifecycle.

Good Earth Cotton® is driven by data, innovation and technology to ensure best practice of regenerative

smart farming techniques. Precision agriculture ensures minimal-to-zero tillage and soil disturbance.

Crop rotation, organic waste amendments and cover crops increase biodiversity and soil health,

lowering the farming environmental footprint. Measuring every drop of water and utilising renewable

energy, Good Earth Cotton® paves the way for cotton farming globally towards a conscious supply chain.

Ensuring the efforts of nature and science that form positive impacts at raw fibre level can be traced

throughout the global supply chain, brands and consumers have confidence from the products they



FibreTrace®is a patented technology that traces, verifies and audits fibre in real-time at each step of the

global textile supply chain. Fibre, yarn, fabric and finished goods are identified and quantified,

connecting the physical fibre to a secure blockchain specifically designed and engineered for the textile

and apparel supply chain, with consumer interface capabilities.

FibreTrace® delivers end-to-end traceability. Real-time results and data housed on the FibreTrace®

platform can be accessed live and securely.

FibreTrace® has a mission to ensure every member of the textile supply chain has the ability to take

direct accountability to reduce the environmental impact of the global industry. In doing so, they provide

the consumer with the opportunity to choose a transparent and sustainable supply chain to follow and

purchase from.


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