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Image by Rosie Fraser

From massive hats to rattan cages: Fashion gets a socially distanced makeover

Stay 6 feet away in style.

After months of social distancing, many of us have had just about enough. It’s no fun being 6 feet apart from our friends and family. But this moment is sparking creativity in some fashion designers, inspiring them to reimagine garments that have some fun even from a distance.

Each piece is more of a commentary our times and some are more performance art over clothes that consumers will buy (Though social distancing hats are now a thing, popping up everywhere from Chinese elementary schoolstoGerman Burger Kings.)

One outfit, which takes the form of a large rattan cage, is suggestive of how trapped we feel by these new rules. Others, like a massive doughnut, are effectively performance art. Some, like the hats and the petticoats, are a nod to the history of fashion, when clothes were used to keep people apart for many reasons, including to create a barrier between women and unwanted suitors. (One fashion historian suggests that this may have inadvertently helped mitigate smallpox and cholera.)

Read the full article HERE and see other ways fashion designers are expressing their creativity.


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Connor R
Connor R
19 de jun. de 2022

Interesting read, thanks for sharing

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