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Location: United Kingdom

GumDrop collection point 

Photo credit: GumDrop

Regenerated Waste | Chewing Gum solutions

Kick-Start the process

Gumdrop is the first bin in the world that is not only designed specifically for the disposal of waste chewing gum but is also made with waste chewing gum. Gumdrop houses a closed-loop recycling process designed to both educate and inspire the public into giving gum a second life. To help reduce the growing strain on the world’s environment we would like to encourage everyone who chews gum to recycle it. By simply dropping your chewing gum into a Gumdrop bin your small effort will go towards making a huge change.  Putting chewing gum into a standard bin may keep our streets clean, however, it will not be recycled and will end up in a landfill. When used chewing gum is thrown on the floor the repercussions are expansive. Not only does it produce unsightly blots that ruin our landscape and cost a great deal to remove but it also costs us our environment. Not to mention how difficult it is to attempt to remove poorly disposed of chewing gum from your clothes and shoes. The best way to ensure your chewing gum is recycled efficiently and responsibly is to drop it into a Gumdrop. Gumdrop along with its contents of used chewing gum is recycled and processed into new Gumdrop’s which are then redistributed so that the cycle can start again.

Why should the public use a Gumdrop?

Gumdrop has proved to reduce chewing gum litter by up to 46% in the first 12 weeks of use, and can save as much as £18000 per annum on cleaning bills. It is a great addition to CSR goals and a product that has captured the publics’ imagination.

Gumdrop is only available in the UK and Europe at this time but will be working with other countries in the new future.

GUMDROP| Chewing gum Collection point

Gumdrop work with brands in the UK and around Europe to collect used chewing gum and turn it back into usable recycled products.


The soles of these shoes are made from recycled chewing gum from the streets of Amsterdam. In the Netherlands, 1.5 million kilos of gum ends up on the street every year. Making it the second most common litter after cigarettes. The shoes sold out quickly, and a new collection is in the works and will be available in 2020.

'By looking at waste differently we can find innovative solutions that will bring change to help keep our planet clean'

Anna Bullus | Designer at Gum-Tec

GumDrop product ranges

 GumDrops's product range is always increasing. These hot pink old skool toys are a fun way to surely brighten up your day!

Get practising your eco-friendly round the world, shoot the moon and walk the dog! on your very own Gumdrop yoyo.


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