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Nike Shows New Ways to Approach Color & Construction With Summer 2019 Sustainable Sneakers preview

March 11, 2019 - This summer’s footwear demonstrates beautiful, new ways to approach color, construction and material innovation

As new seasons are on the horizon, Nike takes the opportunity to preview its sustainable footwear for Summer 2019. The selection of upcoming sneakers demonstrates new ways to approach color, construction and material innovation.

Nike Zero Waste sustainable collection Summer 19

1. Nike kicks off its Summer 2019 sustainable footwear by introducing the “Plant Color” collection. Utilizing plant-based dye, the capsule — consisting of the Air Max 95 and the Blazer Low — draws inspiration from alternative ways to make color.

See Slideshow below:

2. Next, the brand’s “Flyleather Earth Day” pack features one of Nike’s most sustainable materials in Flyleather, paired with artist Steve Harrington’s signature aesthetic. The thematic Air Force 1, Blazer Low and Cortez are designed to give the wearer a more profound appreciation for the planet.


3. Nike’s VaporMax 2 Random then makes use of excess Flyknit yarn, that would have previously been shipped to the landfill, to deliver a truly one-of-a-kind Air Max.

Scan through the gallery above for a glimpse at Nike’s sustainable Summer 2019 sneakers, which will release throughout the summer.

The Nike VaporMax 2 Random is Nike's big sustainability stand. The VaporMax is a shoe that our female consumer resonates with, so the fact that the Air-Sole is 75 percent recycled is a double-win.



Texts from Nike & Jonathan Sawyer in Sneakers

March 2019


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