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Image by Rosie Fraser

Queen of Raw


The best economies are circular.

The Queen of Raw is a on-line USA based platform that helps international producers and purchasers of textiles to recapture value from what would otherwise become waste. It is a marketplace where manufacturers and stockists of textiles can sell their unused textiles, rather than storing them, landfilling them, or burning them. It also unlocks a major supply of affordable, quality textiles for designers around the world who have trouble accessing these materials. The site is not just for rescuing surplus textiles – it also gives producers of innovative sustainable textiles and materials access to the global marketplace, while providing designers with more responsible choices for their products.

Today more than $120 billion worth of unused fabric sits in warehouses around the world. Awaiting its end of being burned or buried.

It is a liability for the factories and mills who overproduce it and for the brands and retailers who overpurchase it.

Neither of which has had a way to recapture its value...until now.

Queen of Raw brings raw material back to life.

Factories, brands, and retailers post their unused fabric on Queen of Raw and start selling in minutes.

Designers find the fabric they are looking for, regardless of their location, and buy it with the click of a button straight from the suppliers.

And if those designers don’t end up using all that fabric?

They sell it back on Queen of Raw, keeping unused resources out of landfills and injecting them back into the economy.

Full circle.

Join Queen of Raw in this movement. For people. For planet. For profit. #goraw & Join RawAssembly at #Rawmaterialrevolution




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