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Re.VerSo selected for Sustainable Thinking project

Updated: Apr 24, 2020

FLORENCE – Representative of zero-waste circular production system for wool and cashmere, Re.VerSo has been selected as one of the members of Salvatore Ferragamo Museum’s Sustainable Thinking project, which the company says is due to “the value it bears in the field of responsible innovation.”

On April 12th, the museum opened a narrative exhibition on the intuitions of its founder, focusing on research in natural materials and recycling as well as on the more recent experiments in the field. Sustainable Thinking is a narrative that the museum says “aims to trigger a reflection on the increasingly urgent and topical issue linked to greater attention to the environment as a whole.”


“Sustainability” defines the human capacity to meet “the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. It is a challenge that is not limited to production methods but also implies a greater focus on the environment overall. Equilibrium must be restored, beginning with a more aware and shared way of thinking that is capable of engendering new strategies of development and co-existence. The aim of the Sustainable Thinking project is to make people reflect on these themes through visions of art and fashion. Numerous artists are looking at sustainability, some focusing on recovering our relationship with nature, the use of organic materials, the need for a creative re-use of materials or relations between nature and technology, while others are looking at the importance of a collective commitment to refounding society overall. The fashion industry, for its part, embarked upon the path towards sustainability some years ago, not just through a new generation of designers but also through innovative approaches adopted by luxury brands with a consolidated market presence, using new high-performance ecological materials and optimizing production processes. The exhibition provides an opportunity for artists, fashion designers, textile and yarn manufacturers to offer a plurality of gazes inspiring new projects capable of using new technologies rather than submitting to them, of adopting a glocal approach, and of safeguarding our ecosystem. The exhibition continues in Sala delle Udienze in Palazzo Vecchio and Museo Novecento.


Designed by Stefania Ricci, director of the Museum, with contributions from Giusy Bettoni of Creativity, Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy (Class), Arabella S. Natalini, Sara Sozzani Maino and Marina Spadafora, the exhibition says it aims aims to provide an artistic and cultural platform for the issue of sustainability.

Re.VerSo says it welcomes retailers and brands to supply their pre-consumer wool and cashmere off cuts so it can transform them into high quality yarns and fabrics, helping fuel the issue of circular economy.

Its partners include Green Line and Nuova Fratelli Boretti for raw material, the A. Stelloni Collection by Mapel for textile fashion, Filpucci for high-end threads of knitwear and Filatura C4 for design contract textile and woven fabrics.

The company offers market solutions, collecting, selecting and transforming pre-consumer wool and cashmere, and in turn offering smart yarns and fabrics with zero waste. The materials are all certified by the Global Recycled Standard of Textile Exchange.


Texts from Eco Textile & Ferragamo Official page.


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