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sucker for humanity

Cost Of An Enslaved Person The Same As A Tee

Outland Denim are combating social injustice and Climate Change this World Day Against Trafficking In Persons with the release of the Sucker For Humanity Tee.

For Outland Denim, the Australian denim brand known for its revolutionary approach to sustainability, World Day Against Trafficking on July 30 is one of the most important dates in the calendar. Founded to bring opportunity and support to women who had experienced human trafficking and modern slavery, the label has released a new Sucker For Humanity Tee as part of their annual efforts to raise awareness of social injustice. But the Sucker For Humanity tee doesn’t just raise awareness, like all Outland Denim garments, wearing this tee provides opportunity, safe employment, education, support and ultimately freedom to women who have experienced human trafficking and modern slavery.

Priced at $90, the same average price of an enslaved person today*, the tee is part of a wider campaign to shed light on Modern Slavery, which impacts 40.3 million people globally including 1 in every 130 women and girls** as well as highlight the link between Modern Slavery and Climate Change.

The campaign follows new research by Kevin Bales and Benjamin Sovacool, which draws a direct line between slavery and environmental issues, stating that If modern slaves were a country, they would be the third largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world, after China and the United States, and that abolishing slavery is one of the most effective ways to mitigate climate change, with the costs of ending slavery equating to about $20 billion, or the expense of a single large nuclear power plant.*

“Fashion is one of the most exploitative industries, both to people and our planet. But we are proof that by re-thinking how we make fashion, we can combate modern slavery and put a serious dent in climate change at the same time. We need to stop thinking of the two as separate issues, when they are two sides of the same coin.”

said Outland Denim founding CEO James Bartle.

Like all Outland Denim garments, the Sucker for Humanity tee is made in the label’s stand-alone production and finishing facilities in Cambodia, which were founded to offer holistic support, training and employment to young women who have experienced exploitation, human trafficking and other human rights violations. The company provides a living wage, education and other benefits for its staff, and each of its seamstresses are trained across all aspects of garment making. The brand’s revolutionary employment model has been shown by The Rights Lab of Nottingham University to create a ‘freedom dividend’ - a domino effect of positive impact throughout the worker’s family and wider community.

The Sucker For Humanity Tee is available online at from July 30 (TODAY!)


* Stacked Odds Report published by Walk Free, 2020

** From forests to factories: How modern slavery deepens the crisis of climate change by Kevin Bales and Benjamin K. Sovacool, 2021


Made with revolutionary social standards and the most environmentally sustainable methods available, Outland Denim are #DenimForFreedom.

The Australian-based brand's unique business model is designed to create a cycle of empowerment for those in need, by providing opportunity, a safe and supportive working environment, a living wage, training, health-care, and education to people who have experienced, or are at risk or experiencing modern slavery, exploitation, or abuse. Employment with Outland Denim can be transformational in the lives of their team, and each Outland Denim garment is finished with a 'Thank you' message from one of the people who made the garment, so that you know exactly who made your clothes.

Each garment is made with organic cotton, zero harmful chemicals, and innovative water and energy reducing technology. The certified B Corporation's sustainability efforts go well beyond production. Outland Denim knows the complete journey of their denim from Tier 1 to Tier 5. Outland Denim is the first Australian denim brand to receive B Corp Certification.


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